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Optionally, select the overview ...

Conversion Volume

Converts volume from liters - deciliter-centiliter-milliliters etc.

Per mille

This one calculates 0/00 - length - decrease, there must be 2 known factors ..

Conversion Watts

Converts watts to kilowatts -> Megawatts -> microwatts -> nanowatts etc.

Conversion lenght

Converts lengths from km-m-cm-mm-dm-foot-miles-inches

Content holes - gutters

In the gutter, the content is calculated. When stamping, approx. 30% more materials. The conversion factor from m3 to tons is adjusted with the + - buttons

Cylinder volume

It is easy to find volume in a cylinder.
Enter the height and radius and the result is in m3 or liters....

Ball volume

It is easy to find volume in a ball.
Enter the radius and the result is in m3 or liters....


Specify radius - the perimeter result is displayed ...

Convert watts -> kiloWatts -> megaWatts -> etc.

Convert km -> meters -> cm -> etc.

Convert liters -> deciliters -> centiliters -> etc.

Transform per mille when laying sewer pipes or making tiles

see how easy it is to convert liters to deciliters to dm3 etc.

See how easy it is to calculate how much is needed to fill holes or gutters in m3 or tons.

See how easy it is to calculate per mille on m2m3Calc.

Easy and clear pages, few prints = the result

Good things!

What is the app used for?

The app is constantly being improved.

I have been working on this app for 3 years, and am constantly improving it. My background contractor, where I have seen that there is a lack of an app where you can quickly find the results. 

How many m3 can there be in a hole?

How many tons do I need to order to cover the hole - the gutter?

It can be calculated really easily, with the app.

How many m2 of tiles, for example, should I order?

 Forward with the app and calculate it quickly.

That's easy.